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MTA Winter Weather Travel and Safety


Mark Groce: I’m Mark Groce and you’re listening to an MTA Winter Weather Travel and Safety podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit’s podcast service.

When cold or inclement weather is in the forecast, MTA services are subject to change as conditions demand.

Our Winter Weather Travel Guide is now on www.mta.info.

Use this guide to plan your trip on our subways, buses, commuter rail, bridges and tunnels.

Please take extra care when traveling during inclement weather.

Stay clear of the platform edges, use handrails when entering or exiting stations, and boarding or leaving trains and buses.

Let's travel together–safely.

For travel information 24/7, visit mta.info or call 511.

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For TransitTrax, I'm Mark Groce. Thank you for listening and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.