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Changes on the 1, 4, 5, A, C and E


Jesse Mislavsky:  I'm Jesse Mislavsky, and you're listening to the “Planned Service Changes” for this weekend on TransitTrax, New York City Transit's podcast service.  Here's a guide to a few of the significant changes in subway service, scheduled for this weekend on the 1, 4, 5, A, C and E lines. These changes will affect service on beginning at 11:45 p.m. Friday, April 21 and end at 5 a.m. Monday, April 24.

These changes are due to necessary capital construction and rehabilitation work – work that may cause you to ride backward just to go forward – or change your traveling pattern all together.  Please be aware, that in addition to the changes you are about to hear, other changes to service due to planned work may affect your trip.

This week there will be changes on the 2 line.  Please listen closely as Jared Elmore from Operations Planning explains.

Jared Elmore: From 11:30 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday, Apr 21 – 24 there are no 1 trains between 14 St and South Ferry.
As travel alternatives - Take 2,3, R trains and free shuttle buses.
* Uptown trains skip 18 St, 23 St, and 28 St.
* Downtown trains skip 28 St, 23 St, and 18 St, days and evenings.
* 2,3 trains run local in both directions between 34 St-Penn Station and Chambers St.
* Shuttle buses run between Chambers St and South Ferry.
* To/from Rector St and South Ferry, use the Rector St and Whitehall St R stations instead. Or, transfer between 2,3 trains and shuttle buses at Chambers St.
* Transfer between 1 and 2,3 trains at Times Sq-42 St.

Jesse Mislavsky:  If you plan to use the 4 line Jared will tell you what to do to get where you’re going. 

Jared Elmore: From 11:45 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday, Apr 21 – 24
There are no 4 trains between New Lots Av/Utica Av and Brooklyn Bridge
As travel alternatives - take the 2,3,D,J,N,Q or R trains instead.

* 4 service operates between Woodlawn and Brooklyn Bridge, making local stops.
* For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, take the DNQ or R. Transfer between 4,6 and N,Q,R trains at 14 St-Union Sq or Canal St. Transfer between DNQR and 23 trains at Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr.
* For service to/from Wall St and Bowling Green, use the R (N overnight) at nearby Rector St or Whitehall St. Or, use the J at Broad St.
* For service to/from Fulton St, use the 2,3 or J.
* For service between Borough Hall and Franklin Av, take the 2 or 3 instead.
* For service between Franklin Av and New Lots Av, take the 3 instead, running in Brooklyn all weekend.

Jesse Mislavsky:  Also this weekend there will be changes along the 5 line.

Jared Elmore:  From 6 AM to 10:30 PM, Saturday, Apr 22, no 5 trains running
Travel alternatives - Take 2,4 trains and/or free shuttle buses instead.
* Free shuttle buses operate between Dyre Av and E 180 St, stopping at Baychester Av, Gun Hill Rd, Pelham Pkwy, and Morris Park.
* For service between E 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse, take the 2.
* For service between 149 St-Grand Concourse and Brooklyn Bridge, use the 4.
* For Fulton St, Wall St, and Bowling Green, use nearby R stations at Cortlandt St,Rector St, and Whitehall St.

Also this weekend from, 8 AM to 11 PM, Sunday, Apr 23 there are no 5 trains between Bowling Green and Grand Central-42 St Travel alternatives - Take the 4*6 or R trains instead.
* Trains run between E 180 St and Grand Central-42 St.
* For stations between Grand Central-42 St and Brooklyn Bridge, take the 4 or 6.
* Transfer between 5 and 46 trains at Grand Central-42 St.
* For Fulton St, Wall St, and Bowling Green, use nearby R stations at Cortlandt St, Rector St, or Whitehall St.
* Transfer between 5 and R trains at 59 St-Lexington Av.
* Transfer between 4,6 and R trains at Canal St.
* *Note: There is no 4 service between Brooklyn Bridge and New Lots Av.

Jesse Mislavsky:  If you need to ride the A or C line this weekend there will be service changes that impact your commute.  Once again Jared Elmore explains.

Jared Elmore:
 On the A line, from: 11:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Apr 21 – 24 and on the C from: 6:30 AM to 11 PM, Sat and Sun, Apr 22 – 23AC trains are rerouted via the F in both directions between W 4 St and Jay St-MetroTech.
As travel alternatives - Use E,J trains to complete your trip.

* Trains run local between 59 St and W 4 St.
* To/from Spring St, Canal St and Chambers St, take the E instead via transfer at W 4 St.
* To/from Fulton St, take the J instead via transfer at Delancey-Essex Sts F station. Or, use the E at nearby World Trade Center station; transfer between trains at W 4 St.
* To/from High St, use the nearby York St F station.

Jesse Mislavsky: And finally, if you intend to take the E line this weekend, there is a change that might affect your travel.

Jared Elmore:  From 11:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Apr 21 – 24 E trains are rerouted via the F in both directions between 21 St-Queensbridge and W 4 St
Travel alternatives - Use 4,6,7,A,C,D,N,R trains and/or free shuttle buses to complete your trip.

* Free shuttle buses run between Court Sq-23 St and 21 St-Queensbridge, stopping at Queens Plaza.
* To/from Queens Plaza, use the R instead (days & evenings); or, the 7N at nearby Queensboro Plaza.
* To/from Court Sq-23 St, use the 7. Transfer between E and 7 trains at
74 St-Roosevelt Av, and/or between 7 and AC trains at Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority.
* To/from Lexington Av/53 St, use the 4 or 6 at 51 St. Transfer at Grand Central-42 St 46 and 7; 74 St-Roosevelt Av E and 7; and/or Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority AC and 7. Or, use out-of-system transfer between the E at Lexington Av/63 St FQ and the 4 or 6 at 59 St.
* To/from 5 Av/53 St and E stations along 8 Av, use nearby F stations on 6 Av, or the AC instead.
* To/from 7 Av, take the D via transfer at 47-50 Sts.

Jesse Mislavsky:  Because construction projects can be canceled, be sure to consult our website, www.mta.info, for Service Status and Planned Service Changes. While there, you may also opt to use our Trip Planner+ which provides you with customized travel directions that take subway service changes into account, while giving you up to three alternate route options.

Also available is our free Email Notification Program. You can sign up for weekday or weekend notifications about both planned reroutes and real-time changes in service.

Finally, you may also dial 511 for travel information for all MTA services. It’s good information, so you’ll “Know Before You Go!”
For TransitTrax, I'm Jesse Mislavsky. Thanks for listening, and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.