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MetroCard Promotions http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/MetroCardPromotions.xml
Service Advisories   http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/ServiceAdvisories.xml
In The News http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/InTheNews.xml
Building for the Future  http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/BuildingFortheFuture.xml
Going Your Way—Greener  http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/GoingYourWayGreener.xml
Special Events   http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/SpecialEvents.xml
Customer Safety  http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/CustomerSafety.xml
Security     http://transittrax.mta.info/audio/Security.xml