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Major Rehab at Seven Stations on the Brighton Line

Mark Groce: I'm Mark Groce, and you're listening to an “Improving, non-stop” podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit's podcast service.

Seven stations along the Brighton line are being rehabilitated for the first time in over 100 years.  Although the stations have been maintained, this marks their first full makeover.  Anwar Lakhaney is the construction manager.

Anwar Lakhaney: This is the first time since 1905 when the station was built, only very minor renovations were done, very negligible, but this is the first time major work has started here.

Mark Groce: The rehabilitation is divided into two projects, Newkirk, Avenue H, J, M, and Kings Hwy.  The second is Avenue U and Neck Rd.  This project is unique in that the stations are being renovated from the foundation up to the platforms and canopies.  The stations will be ADA compliant, with Kings Hwy getting two new elevators.  Also unique is the green design.  In addition to skylights being installed to bring in natural light, all of the steel and concrete was recycled and reused. 

Anwar Lakhaney: Right from the design stage we made efforts that we go for the green design.  One item was to bring the natural light and the designers introduced skylights at the staircase area and during the construction it was part of the specification that the contractor has to recycle all the demolished materials, all the concrete that came out and also the structural steel and reinforcement steel and all the other things were recycled and this has saved quite a good amount of the landfill areas and things like that so we are reusing it.

Mark Groce: Once complete, these stations will not only look good, but they’ll be good for the environment as well.

Anwar Lakhaney: The noise control was less, all the community, so this all comes under the environment, so people are happy that we taking care of all of the things.

Mark Groce: And what do customers think of the work so far?

Anwar Lakhaney: Avenue U and Newkirk is almost complete, 99 percent, and talking with the customers and coming in contact with them, they are very happy and what they were expecting - everything brand new, with nice control areas, good lighting, so they’re very happy and that’s what they expect for the other five stations and they will be even more happy because they are getting elevators also because some of the senior citizens really need it for the access.

Mark Groce: With seven stations under construction, and two of them nearly complete along Brighton line, that’s just another way the MTA is improving, non-stop.  For TransitTrax I'm Mark Groce, thanks for listening and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.