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Bus Command Center Groundbreaking

Jessie Mislavsky: I'm Jessie Mislavsky, and you're listening to a “Building for a Future” podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit's podcast service.

The New York City Transit Department of Buses broke ground for the new MTA New York City Transit Department of Buses Command Center across from Brooklyn’s East New York Bus Depot in the shadow of the old Command Facility, which has been in service for decades.  The ideas and plans for this facility have been in works for years.  Stephen Vidal is the Vice President of Transportation and Safety and Training.

Stephen Vidal: We talked about the new Bus Command Center that’s going to be coming our way and frankly the men and women in the Command Center looked with a little of a dubious eye at me and said, “Really, we’ve been hearing about this for a long time.”  But through a great amount of leadership within the Command Center, particularly, Donald Foy, Kathy Severson, and Giulio (Di Virgilio) who were the General Superintendents there; the men and women stayed focus on their task at hand and accepted the notion that this was really going to happen, and now it is happening and it’s a major blessing.

Jessie Mislavsky: Darryl Irick, Senior Vice President of the Department of Buses, was proud and very excited about the new edition to the system.

Darryl Irick: The Command Center is in many ways the heart of our operation.  It is here that we proactively manage and adjust service as conditions warrant and deal with a wide variety of scenarios such as accidents, sick customers, detours, and so forth.  The Command Center communicates critical information to our bus operators who are on the road as well as our managers and operating personnel.

Jessie Mislavsky: The new facility will replace the current Command Center which has been in operation since 1990.  The new Command Center will boast an upgraded ability to monitor and dispatch bus routes throughout the entire New York City area.  It will also be environmentally friendly.  Thomas Abdallah is the Chief Environmental Engineer of Capital Program Management.

Thomas Abdallah: Yes we are working on LEED.  LEED is the standard for a United States Green Building Council; it’s pretty much the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” on green buildings throughout the nation, in fact, throughout the world.  We just completed the Mother Clara Hale LEED gold level.  Previous to that, on the subway side, we did a Corona maintenance job, so we’re actually working on our third LEED building that will have a green roof, we will have LED lighting, we will have energy efficiency, we actually design, as you can see, some open space and planting of trees.  So what could be more environmentally friendly than that?

Jessie Mislavsky: The 24 hour operation will allow operators to call in to report any incidents that may have occurred on the road.  The Command Center is expected to be completed by June of 2017.

For TransitTrax, I'm Jessie Mislavsky. Thanks for listening and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.