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NYC Transit to riders: "Can it for a greener planet"

Vivian Guzman: I'm Vivian Guzman for Transit Transit News and you're listening to a "Going Your Way Greener" podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit's podcast service.

(Sound: Song: "Take out the papers and the trash, or you don't get no spending cash")

In New York City, "can-it" might mean keep it quiet, but at transit we like to shout out our sustainability policy and we want you to "Can It." Going green is the talk of the town, so we caught up with the MTA to see how "Can It" is making it in the fight for our planet. Mike Zacchea is the Assistant Chief Operations Officer for New York City Transit.

Mike Zacchea, Assistant Chief Operations Officer: Can it means exactly what the words imply. Anything that you bring on the subway whether it's a coffee cup or your newspaper, or magazine, or what you had for lunch yesterday goes in that can and gets recycled.

Vivian Guzman: Simple, but where does all the trash go?

Mike Zacchea: It's taken to a plant in New Jersey where it's processed and the recyclables are gleaned from the refuse stream and marketed to be made into other objects. It helps the environment because it reduces the amount of energy consumed in transporting refuse and also reduces the amount of landfill that's used.

Vivian Guzman: So the message is loud and clear on how you can help save the earth, says station agent Melba Spann.

Melba Spann, Station Agent: By the people reading Can It, Keep my station clean and depositing the garbage.

Vivian Guzman: So remember: Trash on the tracks causes fires and rats, so can it for a greener planet.

(Sound: Song: "Take out the papers and the trash, or you don't get no spending cash")

For more information on New York City Transit's role in helping to make the air we breathe cleaner, and other sustainability programs, log on to www.mta.info and click on MTA Sustainability Initiatives.

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