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Radio City Christmas Spectacular kicks off with MetroCard® Deal

Mark Groce: I’m Mark Groce and you’re listening to a MetroCard Deals podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit’s podcast service.

((Sound: Music from Radio City Christmas Spectacular))

It’s the most enchanting time of the year: Christmas in New York! And thanks to MetroCard Deals, you can catch the Christmas spirit for less when you purchase tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

From now through December 30th, use your MetroCard when purchasing tickets to select performances of this time-honored family show, and you’ll receive $10 off. As Larry Sedwick, Senior Vice President of Productions explains, attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is part of New York City culture.

Larry Sedwick, SVP, Productions; MSG Entertainment: I think it’s really about the tradition. I grew up in New York and I remember the show, I remember going to see the windows, I remember the tree lighting, I think it’s part of that New York City Christmas tradition that, you know, we’ve become part of.

Mark Groce: Although the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been around for years, every year improves upon the previous one, combining sights and sounds that continue to thrill audiences of all types.

Larry Sedwick: Well, you get to see the fabulous Rockettes, doing their dance, beautiful costumes, lots of special effects, pyro, Santa flying to the North Pole, a 90 percent full-scale double-decker bus, driving around the stage, 3D which is always the kids’ favorite, lots of smiles, lots of families… lots of smiles.

Mark Groce: And speaking of Rockettes, Gina Pero is part of the dance line; she stopped by to speak to TransitTrax about being a Rockette, and about the show itself.

Gina Pero, Radio City Rockette: We really keep busy and we have exciting television interviews and we do a lot of children’s hospital events and a lot of things around the New York City area. You know, gathering the community together for the holiday season. It is absolutely breathtaking, one of the numbers, “Let Christmas Shine” really features the starring role of the Rockettes this 2009 season and also New York at Christmas, where the Rockettes take you on a tour of Manhattan aboard a double-decker bus on stage, so it’s very exciting.

Mark Groce: Exciting, yes, but a lot of hard work, as Larry Sedwick explains, the show takes months of preparation before it sees the light of day.

Larry Sedwick: It is actually beginning right now. A year in advance, when we start laying the groundwork in terms of schedules. Then everyone takes a few weeks off in January, and then we really start over. Auditions usually occur, the first round in April, and then everything starts falling into place after that.

Mark Groce: So grab your MetroCard before purchasing your tickets. During the hectic holiday season in New York, MetroCard not only saves you money, it gets you to the show without the hassle of driving in traffic. Radio City Music Hall is just steps away from the B, D, F, and V lines at 47-50th Street/Rockefeller Center.

Arrive on time, save money, sit back, and enjoy the show. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. For TransitTrax, I’m Mark Groce. Thanks for listening and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.

((Sound: Music from Radio City Christmas Spectacular))