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Improvements on the A line

Mark Groce: I'm Mark Groce, and you're listening to a building for the future podcast on Transit Trax, NYC Transit's podcast service.

The MTA is making lots of improvements.  Improvements you can see everyday, like the rehabilitation along the A line that will improve nine stations from Rockaway Park to Far Rockaway.  Eric Jones is the Construction Manager for the project.

Eric Jones: The scope of work involves total rehabilitation of the stations; all structural elements of the stations; architectural finishes to the stations.  We're replacing all the staircases from the street to the mezzanine and from the mezzanine to the platform.  We're replacing the platforms entirely on the five stations on the Far Rockaway line.  We're also installing new wind screens.  We're doing structural repairs to the canopy support columns, and other structural repairs in other areas of the station including the mezzanine, the mezzanine floors.  We're also upgrading the electrical service to the station.

Mark Groce: After putting up with construction and some minor inconveniences, customers will be rewarded with stations that will benefit the entire community.  The improvements will not only be cosmetic, but will allow better access as well.

Eric Jones: Well, the key ADA station will be at Mott Av, and there we're adding two elevators which will take wheelchair customers from the station house to the platform.  Here on the other stations we are adding ADA deal trays to the agent booths. And we're adding tactile warning strips to the edge of the platforms, and the platforms are going to be fully ADA compliant.

Mark Groce: The MTA is improving nine stations along the A line, improving the customer's commute to Far Rockaway, because the MTA is improving, non-stop.

For TransitTrax I'm Mark Groce, thanks for listening and thanks for riding with New York City Transit.