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Rehab at the Tarrytown Station on Metro-North Railroad

Mark Groce: I'm Mark Groce, and you're listening to an “Improving, non-stop” podcast on TransitTrax, New York City Transit's podcast service.

One of the busiest Metro-North Railroad stations is the Tarrytown Station, and this summer it's getting a complete makeover as part of the overall Hudson Line station replacement program.  The construction at the station includes reconstruction of both platforms and both overpasses.  Geoffrey Dopsh is the Project Manager.

Geoffrey Dopsh: The overpasses will be enclosed, heated, with benches and doors. The north overpass will be serviced by three elevators, two currently exist.  The platforms themselves will have canopies, benches, free standing lights, heated shelters, public address, tactile warning strips, ADA compliant components, and all the type amenities that one might find on a typical platform.

Mark Groce: Although not as busy as a subway station, making these improvements while maintaining service to this key station was not without challenges.  Jim Harrington is a Construction Engineer with Metro-North.

Jim Harrington: Some of the challenges we're dealing with are a lot of things people don't actually see, the finished product is what they actually see.  Putting in approximately 250 piles into the ground was a challenge.  We had some sub-soil conditions we had to deal with.  Working around an active railroad, maintaining the station open for our customers was also a challenge.  The 2, 4 island platform is currently under construction and the track 3 platform was completely reconstructed.

Geoffrey Dopsh: Tarrytown is one of Metro-North's key stations, it currently takes a lot of traffic from Rockland County over the Tappan Zee Bridge. Currently serviced by elevators.  So one of our challenges was that we had to keep the existing north overpass in service while constructing a new north overpass.

Mark Groce: And with all the new construction the station is sure to be ADA compliant.

Geoffrey Dopsh: The elevators are required by law to remain in service at all times because Tarrytown is a key station, so we're constructing the new overpass and elevators adjacent to, a little bit offset, from the existing overpass so that we can maintain elevator service until the new elevators come online at which time the existing overpass can then be demolished.

Mark Groce: And when the station is finished what can customers expect?

Geoffrey Dopsh: Again, we’re going to have brand new platforms with the yellow tactile strips at the edge. The platforms will have canopies in between the new overpasses.  The overpasses will be historic in nature, historically sympathetic with deep girder architecture. The elevator towers and structural steel is consistent with the rest of the Hudson Line station improvements that we've made.  In general, it's going to be more customer friendly, safer, aesthetically pleasing environment that we'll be serving our customers with.

Mark Groce: The improvements being made at the Tarrytown Station will make it easier and safer for you to get to your next stop, because the MTA is improving, non-stop.  For TransitTrax I'm Mark Groce, thanks for listening and thanks for riding with Metro-North Railroad.